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Warna Slides FAQ

I am new to this type of template, how difficult is it to use this product?

Good question, this is a new way to use PowerPoint template.

It’s very easy to use for anyone, whether you are a new PowerPoint user or an experienced user, you just need to copy and paste!

Copy & paste only?

Yes, you have to copy and paste. That’s how our products work! Easy and simple to use.

You can copy and paste from ‘Theme A’ to ‘Theme B’ to ‘Theme C’ or copy and paste back to slide deck. You can delete the default theme’s front page and replace it with another theme’s front page.

Content like fonts and colors will automatically adapt to your theme.

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How to start my presentation project?

  1. Choose the theme you want to use for your presentation project.
  2. Open your ‘slide deck’ file.
  3. Copy the slide you want to use.
  4. Paste it into your project.

Content like fonts and colors will automatically adapt to your theme.

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Existing users here, how to use v3.0 from v2.0?

Yes, you can delete version 2.0  and start a new project with the official version 3.0.

Warna Slides 3.0 ensures every update will be easier in moving the old project into a new template.

Learn how to transfer your project

Can I continue to use Warna 2.0?

You can continue to use Warna 2.0 if you are comfortable and there is no need to update your files.

However, no new updates will be provided for previous versions.

There are no color and font options in my PowerPoint. Why?

You need to install our color scheme and font options first before you can use it.

Read how to install XML files

Can I transfer slides from old template to Warna Slides?

Yes, you can. If you want to transfer slides from your old template to Warna Slides, you can move content in your slides only. Copy the old slides to Warna Slides will not work! (Theme Auto Adapt)

Note: We suggest you to restart your project using our theme instead of moving your old slides into Warna Slides.

Image included?

Unfortunately not. If you need it, please contact us after you buy our product.

Theme Customization FAQ

I like this template, but I do not like the color scheme. Can I change it to another color?

You can change your color scheme at any time.

  1. Go to Design > Variants > Colors
  2. Change to the color you want to use for your project

You can also request and recommend a new color scheme to us.

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Your font looks a bit small and thin in the preview, can I change to a thicker and bigger font?

Yes. We have 40 fonts options. 20 thin/minimal and 20 fat/normal size. We will add more option later.

You can request or suggest a new font to us.

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I can not edit my PowerPoint, what is happening?

You may not be able to edit some of the elements because they need to be done from Slide Master.

Go to View > Slide Master

How to change the entire presentation to a dark color?

You can easily switch to a dark color theme for a particular slide or the entire presentation.

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