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Transfer from V2.0 to V3.0

By February 22nd, 2020Getting Started

Transfer project from theme 2.0 to a new 3.0 theme

  1. Open your current presentation project
  2. Copy all slides
  3. Open the 'Warna Framework 3.0' PPTX file
  4. Paste all slides in it
  5. Select all slides
  6. Click the slide layout and select either Warna Cover or Warna Default to apply to all slides.
  7. Copy all slides again
  8. Paste all slides in your new theme
  9. Select all slides and choose 'Warna Default' except for front cover use 'Warna Cover'.
  10. Done!
  11. You can start editing your presentation.
  12. (Recommended) Click 'Reset' to reset all slides after pasting or if you see anything wrong with the theme.
Now you can start transfer your project to any theme you want.

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