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Transfer from V2.0 to V3.0

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Transfer project from theme 2.0 to a new 3.0 theme

  1. Open your current presentation project
  2. Copy all slides
  3. Open the 'Warna Framework 3.0' PPTX file
  4. Paste all slides in it
  5. Select all slides
  6. Click the slide layout and select either Warna Cover or Warna Default to apply to all slides.
  7. Copy all slides again
  8. Paste all slides in your new theme
  9. Select all slides and choose 'Warna Default' except for front cover use 'Warna Cover'.
  10. Done!
  11. You can start editing your presentation.
  12. (Recommended) Click 'Reset' to reset all slides after pasting or if you see anything wrong with the theme.
Now you can start transfer your project to any theme you want.

Change Specific Slide Background Color

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Please make sure you have installed Warna XML Colors/Fonts


  • Warna Cover: Presentation front page
  • Warna Default: Theme Default
  • WAC: Accent Color
  • WGC: Gradient Color
  • WEH: Extra Header - Additional header layout (Default Color)
  • WB: Blank (Blank slide without slide title and subtitle)
  • WMC: Media Content (Video)
  • WEM: Extra (Additional slide master with default style)

If there is a problem in the color scheme and font type settings, you can do it directly from Slide Master.

Fix Your Distorted Image with Crop Tool

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(Option 1) Distorted Images

Right-click Image > Format (Picture Tools) > Crop > Choose 'Fill' to fix your problem.

(Option 2) Add Image in Icon/Vector Graphics

To make your presentation more interesting, you also can use vector icon as an image placeholder.
  1. Select the icon you want
  2. Copy and paste into your project
  3. Enlarge your icon
  4. Select your icon and right-click
  5. Choose Format Shape
  6. Fill (Picture & Texture Fill)
  7. Insert picture from file

Make sure your icon or vector is grouped before adding an image.

If your picture looks like picture No. 3 (Step 4), try turning on 'Tile picture as texture’.

It's not a real solution, but since it works to make your pictures better, you can use this way.

How to Change Icon Color in PowerPoint

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Step 01

Please make sure you have downloaded all available icons.

Step 02

  1. Select default icon
  2. Right click
  3. Format Picture/Shape
  4. Picture or texture fill
  5. Find your icon to replace

Step 03

  1. Select Format (Picture Tools)
  2. Color setting
  3. Select your color