Replace Picture In Image Placeholder

By April 23, 2018Warna Slides 101

Step 01

Select the ‘shade’ rectangle in your slide

Step 02

Find ‘Select’ and open ‘Selection Pane’

Step 03

Turn Off ‘SHADE’ and select ‘Image Placeholder’ (Light Grey Rectangle)

Step 04

Right-click > Choose Format Shape > Fill (Picture & Texture Fill) > Insert picture from file
  1. Select the shade rectangle in your slide
  2. Open Section Pane
  3. Turn Off ‘SHADE #’
  4. Select Image Placeholder (Light Grey Rectangle)
  5. Right-click
  6. Choose Format Shape
  7. Fill (Picture & Texture Fill)
  8. Insert picture from file

Distorted Images

Right-click Image > Format (Picture Tools) > Crop > Choose ‘Fill’ to fix your problem.

Add Image in Icon/Vector Graphics

To make your presentation more interesting, you also can use vector icon as an image placeholder.
  1. Select the icon you want
  2. Copy and paste into your project
  3. Enlarge your icon
  4. Select your icon and right-click
  5. Choose Format Shape
  6. Fill (Picture & Texture Fill)
  7. Insert picture from file

Make sure your icon or vector is grouped before adding an image.

If your picture looks like picture No. 3 (Step 4), try turning on ‘Tile picture as texture’.

It’s not a real solution, but since it works to make your pictures better, you can use this way.

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